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"Our bones got glow!"
―Voom Voom
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VoomVoom is a member of the Vulture Tribe, and will appear as a minifigure in summer of 2014.

LEGO.com Description

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There is one thing VoomVoom knows for sure: everything will always turn out all right, somehow. Even if he’s facing a horde of enemies, VoomVoom always manages to look on the bright side. (After all, with that many targets, how can he miss?) He’s a skilled pilot who always expects that every battle will end in a victory. VoomVoom spends a lot of his time around Vornon, who is his exact opposite. VoomVoom’s non-stop optimism drives Vornon a little crazy, since Vornon always figures the worst is about to happen. In a way, they are a perfect team, balancing each other out in battle.


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  • He and Vornon have similar roles to Crawley and Crug in the TV Show.
  • Physically he has light grey wings, but in the TV Show they are black.
  • He is the only member of the ice tribes to wear non-ice armor.
    • This is fixed in 2015.


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