Class 3 article

Wail is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2015.


Wail has a purple straw hat atop his head, along with a black half-mask and black and grey face printing. He has dark blue arms with spring green hands, and his torso has spring green, ghostly printing with purple robes and a dark blue belt. The top of his torso has tattered dark blue printing on it. His legs are trans-light green with torn, purple and black pants printed on them.

He is built identically to Pitch, except that Pitch comes with a backpack piece. His torso was also used for Attila, Hackler, Ming, Spyder, and Yokai. His legs were used for all legged variants of Ghost Warriors except Morro, Bansha, Soul Archer, and Wrayth. His hat and face mask, which have appeared in various colors throughout the Ninjago line, appears in the same colors on Cowler, Cyrus, Ghoultar, Ghurka, and Pyrrhus.