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Required sets:

8533 Gali
8535 Lewa
8536 Kopaka

Year introduced:




Wairuha is a BIONICLE model introduced in 2001. It can be created from the pieces of the sets 8533 Gali, 8535 Lewa and 8536 Kopaka. Its instructions were split between the instructions of these three sets.


Wairuha was a Toa Kaita, a powerful being who was created by the merging of the Toa Mata Lewa, Kopaka and Gali. After the three became Toa Nuva, their fusion instead created the Toa Nuva Kaita Wairuha Nuva.

When Toa Gali was struck by a Tarakava and knocked unconscious, Wairuha and Akamai appeared to her in a vision, informing her of their future existence.

Wairuha was formed alongside Toa Kaita Akamai when the Toa Mata first descended into the Mangaia. Wairuha and Akamai took different paths to Makuta Teridax's inner lair, intending to meet up at the entrance. Both were hindered by an encounter with the Manas, the Mangaia's Rahi guardians. The two were driven together in a chamber ringed by strange energy towers. As the Toa Kaita fought the monsters in vain, they realized the towers produced heat to the chamber, therefore strengthening the Manas. Together, Wairuha and Akamai destroyed the towers, slowing and weakening the Manas enough for Wairuha to freeze them and eliminate the threat. The Toa Kaita thanked each other in appreciation of the joint forces of Valor and Wisdom, then proceeded into Teridax's inner sanctum where his destructive energies split them back into the six Toa Mata.

Abilities and Traits

Wairuha commanded the Elemental Powers of Air, Water, and Ice, like the Toa that comprised him. He could wield these in any combination.

As a Toa Nuva Kaita, Wairuha had a stronger command of his Elemental Powers. However, when the Nuva Symbols of his component Toa Nuva were taken from their Suva, Wairuha also lost the command of these powers.

Mask and Tools

Wairuha simultaneously wielded Lewa's Axe and Kopaka's Ice Sword in his right hand, and Kopaka's Ice Shield in his left. He wore the Kanohi Rua, Mask of Wisdom, giving him the Kanohi powers of Levitation, X-Ray Vision, and Water Breathing.

Wairuha Nuva would not have access to the abilities of the Adaptive Armor.

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