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Welder[1][2] also known as Construction Worker (Tough)[3] and Demolition Worker,[4] is a City minifigure introduced in 2015.


Welder wears bright blue overalls over a white shirt. He typically wears a bright red Mini Contractors Helmet, although 60098 Heavy-Haul Train includes a titanium metallic Helmet No. 21 "No. 1" as alternative headgear for him to do welding work. His tough appearance stems from his face (reused from Mac McCloud), which has stubble as well as scratches on his right cheek.

In addition to Helmet No. 21 "No. 1", LEGO Quest & Collect depicts Welder with titanium metallic Mini Oxygen Bottles.


Welder is a skilled welder who runs an auto-repair shop, and he is able to repair old cars[2] and Heavy-Haul Trains. In addition to welding, he works with his fellow Construction Workers as a Demolition Worker at Demolition Sites.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Welder is a Physical Defender hero with the skills "Repair Complete!", "Quick Welding", and "Blind Removal".


  • Welder might be the Crane Driver from Mining, since the two minifigures are identical except for their helmets, and the Demolition and Mining subthemes share many of the same minifigure designs.
  • Although Welder's description in LEGO Quest & Collect says his face is always hidden behind his mask, his minifigure in 60098 Heavy-Haul Train has him unmasked by default according to the instruction booklet.


Videogame Appearances

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Please do not modify it.

NAME: Welder
Welder operates an auto-repair shop. He can fix any old car and get it running like new. Nobody actually knows what Welder looks like, as his face is always hidden behind his mask!