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Welder is a Minifigures Series 11 minifigure released on September 1, 2013.


The Welder has dark blue legs with a continuation onto his grey torso, depicting overalls. His arms are also light grey with dark grey hands. He has an exclusive to him helmet mould in dark grey, as well as a welding piece that attaches to an orange 1x1 cylinder brick.

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“Stand back. Things are gonna get hot.”

The Welder thrives on a good emergency. Give him a week to repair a broken deck plate and he’ll yawn and put off the work until tomorrow, but tell him that he has 45 seconds to fix a cracked pipe or the whole sewage system will blow, and he’ll jump into action and get it done just in the nick of time.

With a mask to shield his eyes from sparks and bright light, and heavy-duty overalls to protect the rest of him, the Welder sets to work with his welding torch in hand. As metal sizzles and the clock ticks down, his concentration never falters until the job is done, and done right. This is one Minifigure who can definitely take the heat!



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