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The Werewolf was a LEGO minifigure Actor dressed up as a Werewolf released in 2002 in the Studios Theme. By definition, a Werewolf is a human that transforms into a mystical beast when a full moon is out. In the scene that the actor plays in, he terrorizes a couple driving-by on a road. He is exclusive to the set 1380 Werewolf Ambush.


His torso depicts him wearing a ripped blue shirt through a design. He has blue arms to symbolize the sleeves of his shirt, and grey hands to symbolize his werewolf hands. He has a grey leg piece which either symbolizes his legs or un-ripped pants. He has a Stunt-Man minifigure head, and wears a Grey Werewolf mask over it the same piece is used by professor Lupin in the Harry Potter theme. His "real" face has stubble around the mouth, with red hair over the forehead.



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