Whiparella is a lava monster in Nexo Knights theme.


Whiparella is a lava monster with a snake tail instead of legs who is a member of the Lava Monster Army. Anyone hit by her whips experience their worst fear.

Whiparella also has her variation of the Globlins called Spider Globlins.


Whiparella first appeared in the Nexo Knights: The Animated Series episode "Fright Knight" where the Book of Monsters consumes the Book of Fear in order to summon Whiparella. This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Cleverness: 8/10
Scariness: 10/10
Destroying: 5/10
Evilness: 8/10

Description Mistress of Fear
Weapon Whip of Fear
Skills Whipping and slithering
Dislikes Nicknames and happy places
Likes Snakes, spidergloblins and deep fears

Whiparella is so scary she even frightens the Book of Monsters. She is shaped like a snake, has a whip that will call out your deepest fear and her Spidergloblins turn into that fear. Her only personal fear is being called ‘Whimparella’ – which, of course, one of the knights does constantly.