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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Wick Cooper is a human character from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, in which he is voiced by Thomas Lennon.


Wick Cooper is a wealthy man who lives on The Wheel space station, and who comes to the Freemakers due to their bargain pricing. Their first encounter was when Cooper brought his Naboo Fighter to them to have it detailed. Unfortunately, Zander Freemaker was unable to resist taking the fighter out for a joyride, and R0-GR was left to stall Cooper while Kordi and Rowan went after their brother. They succeeded in rescuing him from Darth Vader's ship, but Cooper's fighter ended up wrecked, leaving him furious until he saw-and was offered-Zander's personal ship, the Blaze Maker. Cooper soon flew off in his new ship, though he was left stranded in space after it exploded due to Zander not having finished it.

Despite this incident, Cooper would later come to the Freemakers again to do business, being cheap despite his wealth and enjoying the opportunity to torment Zander by forbidding him from working on his vehicles. He witnessed Rowan using the Force and, believing it to be some kind of technology, wanted to buy it; Naare then used the Force to erase his memory. Later, Princess Leia and Kordi ended up in Cooper's suite in the Upper Ring of the Wheel and were mistaken for a cleaning crew. Unfortunately for Cooper, he had the bad taste to make a joke about the destroyed Alderaan in Leia's presence, and was promptly dealt a blow by the princess.

Some time later, Cooper visited Naboo in order to visit the museum of his idol, Emperor Palpatine, unwittingly visiting the planet at the same time as the now on-the-run Freemakers. He would later travel to Coruscant for Empire Day only to be caught up in the carnage of Naare's attack, and was saved-albeit reluctantly-by the Freemakers.