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Willie Scott was a companion of Indiana Jones in the The Temple of Doom movie.


She has only appeared in two sets, as well as LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and "LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues". She appears in a different form in each set. Her hair in the Shanghai Chase is different, has a unique trans-red tiara, and wears a red and gold sparkly outfit. In 7199 The Temple of Doom she has long hair and her sacrificial suit which shows her belly, belly button, and ab marks. She has neither of these hairpieces, she instead has a ponytail in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, but still wears the same outfits.


In 1935, Scott (now known by her stage name, Willie) had just completed her main role in singing a Mandarin version of Cole Porter's Anything Goes when she joined the table of her boss, Lao Che, who was in negotiation with the archaeologist, Indiana Jones. After a series of events, she, Indy, and Short Round went to Pankot Palace where she witnessed the Thuggee Cult perform barbaric human sacrifices under the high priest Mola Ram and the unwitting Maharajah. Just as Scott was being lowered into a pit of molten lava, Indy and Short Round came to her rescue. With the aid of Captain Blumburtt and his Eleventh Poona Rifles, Pankot Palace was freed from the grip of Ram and the Thuggees; and Willie, Indy, and Short Round returned to the United States.

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LEGO Indiana Jones

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ShanghaiDinner SuitEvening DressPyjamasCeremony

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

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ShanghaiDinner SuitEvening DressCeremony


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