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The Wither is a minifigure from the Minecraft theme. In the game, the Wither is a boss created by the player.


The Wither is a boss in Minecraft. It is created by the player by forming soul sand in a T-Shape and topping it with the skulls of three wither skeletons. Upon formation, the wither will attack anything that is not undead, including the player, by firing its heads at them. Its heads as projectiles will cause small explosions while also applying a status effect, also called wither (which causes the players health to turn black and deteriorate) upon impact. When two thirds of its health are gone, it creates a shield around itself (called Wither armor) which gives it immunity to projectiles, but it can still be harmed by melee attacks. When killed, it drops an exclusive item called a nether star, which can then be crafted into a beacon with other resources. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Any truly daring explorers will at some point want to create a Wither. A word of advice: don’t do it. This mob is dangerous!



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