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The Wizard is a Heroica microfigure introduced in the 2011 Heroica LEGO Games Subtheme. It is a character with the special ability in game to defeat any monster up to four spaces away, even around corners. This special ability is mimicked by the wand weapon available in game from the store.


During his years of solitude and careful study in mystical cities, the Wizard developed uncanny magical abilities. Able to draw raw energy from the ether, he can hurl fireballs at his enemies. He is using his knowlege of the old legends to get to the bottom of the invasion and to find the relics of power.


  • The Wizard's description in the hero quiz is: "15 points. You are the intelligent hero. You always think things through before you act, and your friends often ask for your advice when they are in trouble. The secret to being a great wizard is to know when and where to use your powers. (It’s okay to sometimes use them to mess with people, too, you know.)"


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