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Wojira is a Ninjago Brick-built figure released in 2021. She is a monstrous sea serpent.


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Wojira terrorized the realm that would become Ninjago, using her powers of Wind and Water to churn the Endless Sea with devastating storms. Her victims, the Merlopians and the ancestors of the Keepers, eventually banded together against her under the leadership of a young and newly arrived hero, the First Spinjitzu Master. Despite their brave efforts, however, Wojira seemed invulnerable until Nyad, first Elemental Master of Water, attempted to remove the Storm and Wave Amulets from her head using her broken trident.

When this attempt failed, Nyad merged with the ocean itself and was finally able to overpower Wojira at the cost of her own identity. With Wojira knocked unconscious due to the removal of the amulets, she was sealed away within an undersea temple within the inhospitable Tartarus Trench. A warning was inscribed upon the door to the temple's inner sanctum, where Wojira slept, saying that she should not be disturbed "until the end of days." The Keepers and Merlopians were each entrusted with one of the amulets for safekeeping, and with Wojira dormant the First Spinjitzu Master raised a great landmass in the midst of the Endless Sea.

Unfortunately, the Merlopian prince Kalmaar later became obsessed with the legend of Wojira, seeing in her power a means of acting out on his contempt for the "surface-dwellers" of the realm. He made multiple attempts to learn more about Wojira from his father, King Trimaar, but Trimaar rejected the idea of trying to find and reawaken the serpent. Refusing to be denied, Kalmaar searched through forbidden records and eventually located the Temple of Wojira, tricking his adopted brother Benthomaar into helping him reach it. Obtaining the Wave Amulet, he returned it to Wojira's head, but found himself unable to awaken her without the Storm Amulet as well.

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Wojira was mentioned-though by the name "Wohira"-in Dead Man's Squall, being noted as a creature once worshipped by a primitive tribe. In the Never-Realm, there exists a pass named Wojira's Wrath, known for its powerful winds and the constant danger of avalanches in the area. Lloyd travels through this pass in An Unlikely Ally, learning of its name from Sorla.

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In Five Thousand Fathoms Down, Nya and Maya discover that Kalmaar's scientist Glutinous is attempting to awaken Wojira on Kalmaar's orders. He tries creating replica amulets to replace the missing Storm Amulet, but the copies fail to achieve the desired result. Instead, the attempts unleash energy pulses which affect aquatic creatures, water in any form, and in particular Nya's mastery over the element. After recognizing Nya as the Master of Water, Kalmaar has her captured in hopes that the "usurper" will be able to assist him in his efforts to awaken Wojira.

In The Wrath of Kalmaar Nya explains to Maya, who believed Wojira to be a myth, that they had learned more about the creature while visiting the Island of the Keepers. Kalmaar, overhearing her, becomes determined to learn the island's location in order to find the Storm Amulet at last. In Long Live the King, the crew of the Hydro Bounty alerts Trimaar to his son's activities, and Trimaar angrily confronts Kalmaar. Kalmaar responds with a treacherous attack that fatally injures his father before blaming the attack on the visitors, allowing him to seize the throne of Merlopia and advance one step closer to achieving his goals. In Escape from Merlopia, Benthomaar helps Nya's party escape, and they set off to recover the Storm Amulet from the island and prevent Kalmaar from finding it.

In Master of the Sea, Bentho describes the ancient battle with Wojira to the rest of the Hydro Bounty crew, who join their allies on Ninjago Island to try and retrieve the stolen Storm Amulet. They apparently succeed, and transport the amulet to Shintaro for safekeeping, unaware that it is a fake. In The Calm Before the Storm, Kalmaar restores the real Storm Amulet to Wojira, who awakens and is then goaded into carrying out his orders. Wojira's powers darken the skies over Ninjago City, and she then swoops upon the metropolis bringing a flood with her to drown the city streets.

In Assault on Ninjago City, Kalmaar orders Wojira to attack the inhabitants, particularly the Ninja and their allies as they attempt to resist him.

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