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Wolf Guy is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.



  • He is similar to the Werewolf from the Monster Fighters theme, but with sleeves and gray fur.
  • He appears to be the "Werewolf" version of the Lumberjack from series 5, as his shirt also bears the name 'Kal' in green lettering on his chest.
  • He uses the dual-molded legs that debuted in 2015.
  • He has a new werewolf head, which was created to give the tail piece more space in the upright position.
  • He reuses Rocket Raccoon's tail piece.
  • He bears a resemblance to the Big Bad Wolf.
  • He makes a cameo in LEGO City Adventures; under the name Larry, who a bites a Firefighter.

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