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The name of this wooden toy is conjectural.
Although this article or section is based on an official subject, its actual name is pure conjecture.

Wooden Pluto is a Wood Toy released in an unknown year. It was the first licensed LEGO product, being based off the Disney character of the same name. This set was a pull-along toy and when it was pulled the legs moved.


Pluto is all one piece. He has a yellow bowling pin shaped body with yellow legs nailed to red wooden circles, which when you pulled the string connected to his collar they rolled. At the back of his body is his tail, made out of black string. His neck is slanted upwards, Pluto has a rectangular red collar printed on his neck that has the word "Pluto" in white written on it. His face is slanted down. On each side of his face is a black ear which can be moved in any direction. His face is printed on the left and right side. Each side has the same one white eye with a black pupil, a red smiling mouth with black dimples and spots on his face. All around the tip of Pluto's face is a black nose.



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