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The Wookiee Warriors are minifigures introduced in 2005. They appeared in two sets, as a part of the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith sub-theme. The Wookiee Warriors can also be played in three video games, one of them only if the player purchases and applies the use old save data option in-game. The Wookiee Warriors have a head similar to that of Chewbacca and Thi-sen.


The Wookiee Warriors body and legs are solid brown with no markings. His head brick has a helmet with a golden top and the rest of it brown. He has a belt with a golden buckle. He also has a white necklace with a gold medallion. His nose is black and his eyes look like they are closed. His mouth is lighter brown.


Wookiee Warriors were Wookiees trained in the art of combat, living on their homeworld of Kashyyyk. They fought on Kashyyyk during the two Battles of Kashyyyk, against the Confederecy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Empire. One, named Tarfful, assisted Chewbacca in helping Yoda escape the planet after Order 66 was given to all Clone Troopers around the galaxy. Some were enslaved by the Empire, only to be rescued by the Lothal Rebels.


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Wookiees are a tall, hairy, and long-lived species from the forested world of Kashyyyk. Although gentle and peaceful by nature, Wookiees can be powerful foes if driven to battle.


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