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Wrayth is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2015.


Wrayth has a pale green face with black markings and black eyes with green markings. His hood is torn, dark blue, and sports a purple headband atop it. His body is black and its printing consists of chains on his lower torso with tattered, ripped grey and spring green clothing. His hands are black, and so are his arms. Wrayth's legs are trans-light green with chains and tattered green printing. His other variation is almost the same, other than the fact he uses the Ghost tail part instead of trans-light-green legs. The reasoning for that is so he could fit onto his Airjitzu flyer.

Most of the parts used for Wrayth are unique, but his hood was also used for Soul Archer and Wooo, and his ghost tail was used by all the other variants of Ghost Warriors without minifigure legs.


In "Ghost Story", Morro summons Wrayth using the Allied Armor of Azure, and the ghost helps him defeat several bikers at a club. Morro then sends Wrayth to intercept the pursuing Ninja, and Wrayth transforms a motorcycle into his massive Chain Cycle. He eventually confronts the Ninja at a train station, and the Ninja are virtually helpless against him. However, during the fight the contents of a water tower spill onto him, sending him back to the Cursed Realm.

Wrayth returns through a portal opened using the Realm Crystal in "Curseworld, Part I", and joins the other Ghost Warriors in taking over Stiix. The Ninja soon infiltrate the city in an attempt to stop them, and Wrayth and his fellows engage them in battle. In "Curseworld, Part II" the battle continues, and Wrayth and the other ghosts mobilize the Preeminent to attack the rest of Ninjago. However, Nya is able to unlock her true potential to swamp the beast with a tidal wave, destroying Wrayth and the other ghosts in the process.


  • In episode 46, his first TV appearance, it was shown that he exploded when water(hazardous for the Ghosts)fell on him. He was shown to be alive in episode 53, where he was shown to have been sent back to the cursed realm after he was exposed to water as with the other ghosts.
  • He is one of the 3 Ghosts that don't have a transperent head.The others are Wail and Pitch.
  • His head resembles a Mummy.
  • He is the only Weapon Master that has an Airjitzu flyer.
  • He is one of two ghosts who have airjitsu flyers.
  • Wrayth has similarities with Ghost Rider from the Marvel franchise;
    • They both are ghosts.
    • They both have a chain-based weapon.
    • They both have motorcycles transformed into a battle vechicles.
  • This making him the 2nd Ghost Warrior that have similarities with a character from another franchise,the other being Morro that has similarities with the Kung Fu Panda character Thai Lung.
  • His name is a play on the word Wraith.