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The Wrench Crook,[1] also known as a Crook,[2] is a City Police minifigure introduced in 2017.


The Wrench Crook wears a bright orange vest with reflective stripes over a white prison shirt with dark grey stripes, along with dark stone grey pants and a black Mini Pixie Cap. His face is printed with stubble and a frowning expression, commonly used among other crooks such as the Robber and Swamp Crook.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, like other enemies, the Wrench Crook is portrayed with pale skin and red eyes. He is equipped with a pair of large wrenches.


The Wrench Crook stole a sports car and used it to make off with his loot, resulting in a high-speed chase with Chase McCain giving pursuit.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, the Wrench Crook is an enemy debuting in Episode I-2 "Civilians under Control".


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