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Xalax, also known as Crash It Racers[1] or Crash 'em Racers,[source?] was a subtheme of Racers in 2001.


The sets did not feature real minifigures, but used Ramas (Part 30598) that were small customized figures that were shorter than 4 stacked Studs. Most sets of the theme included eight pieces since they were just different modifications of the same car. However one set was a track and included two cars.

According to a United Kingdom 2001 catalog, the story is set in the year 2210 AD, taking place in the city of Knossox on planet Xalax. The racing-obsessed Ramas compete in the Racers tournaments held daily in the city's Big Dome arena.[2]

Xalax Sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1202.jpg1202Racer Polybag1 2001
1239.jpg1239Subzero4 2001
4566.jpg4566Gear81$2.99 / €4.592001
Surferracer.jpg4567Surfer9Xalax Minifigure€4.592001
Display10.jpg4568Loopin9Xalax Minifigure$2.99 / €4.592001
4569.jpg4569Warrior8Xalax Figure$2.99 / €4.592001
4570 Shredd.jpg4570Shredd9Xalax Minifigure$2.99 / €4.592001
4571-1.jpg4571Spiky9Xalax Figure$2.99 / €4.592001
4572.jpg4572Scratch8Xalax Minifigure$2.99 / €4.592001
4573.jpg4573Lightor8Xalax Minifigure$2.99 / €4.592001
4574.jpg4574Rip9Xalax Minifigure$3.00 / €4.592001
4575.jpg4575Pulse8Pulse$2.99 / €4.592001
4576-1.jpg4576Duster8Duster$2.99 / €4.592001
4577-1.jpg4577Snake8Snake$2.99 / €4.592001
4578 Box.jpg4578Ghost8Ghost$2.992001
4579-1.jpg4579Freeze and Chill1142 Xalax Minifigures$19.99 / €24.992001

LEGO Racers 2

Xalax is the final world in LEGO Racers 2. You travel there once you have defeated all of the boss racers on the other worlds, and have collected enough golden bricks. The entrance to this world is located at the portal gate on Sandy Bay, which is only accessible for travel by talking to Sparky (simply driving through the gate has no effect unlike the intro cutscene). All the races take place inside the dome stadium, with the majority of tracks located in the center, while the final race with Rocket Racer takes place on the outer track near the stands.

LEGO Description This is a description taken from United Kingdom 2001 catalog. Please do not modify it.

Join the tough race

The year is 2210 AD. We're in the city of Knossox on the planet of Xalax, where everyone is wild about Racers - a zany motor race that's run every day in a giant arena they call the Big Dome. Fearless drivers push their super-design cars to the limit and beyond!

You and your friends can enjoy the wildest races once you get your hands on these tough little racers. So far there are 8 different LEGO® Racers to choose between - each crazier than the one before.

The idea is to crash into each other and send opposing drivers flying - or to make the quickest getaway - or be the first across the finishing line - or the snappiest at stunts!