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This article is about the setting. For the Racers subtheme taking place on Xalax, see Crash It Racers.

Xalax is the setting of Crash It Racers and the final world of LEGO Racers 2.


Xalax is a planet inhabited by racing-obsessed aliens called Ramas. In the year 2210 AD, Racers tournaments are held daily in the city of Knossox, which is home to a Big Dome arena.[1] The Big Dome is also referred to as the Xalax Velodrome in 5780 LEGO Racers 2.

LEGO Racers 2[]

After his previous defeat, Rocket Racer discovers an advertisement for planet Xalax on Sandy Bay. He travels there by driving through an intergalactic portal and befriends the Ramas. Regaining his confidence, Rocket Racer issues a challenge to race against him and the Ramas to become the Galactic Racing Champion.[2]

Xalax is the fifth and final world in LEGO Racers 2's Adventure mode. The player travels there once they have defeated all of the boss racers on the other worlds (Sandy Bay, Dino Island, Mars, and Arctic) and have collected enough Golden Bricks. The entrance to this world is located at the portal gate on Sandy Bay, which is only accessible for travel by talking to Sparky (unlike the intro cutscene, simply driving through the gate has no effect).

All the races take place inside the Big Dome stadium, with the majority of tracks located in the center, while the final race with Rocket Racer takes place on the outer track near the stands. The main races are exclusively against Rama opponents, replacing the usual opponents competing on the other worlds. Each race changes the layout of the arena, introducing new hazards and obstacles such as loop-de-loops and figure-eights. In the PC/PS2 versions of the game, the race tracks on Xalax are:

  • Wheeled Warriors
  • Smash 'N' Bash
  • Vertigo
  • Beyond the Dome
  • The Grand Finale

In the GBA version, Xalax has a very small world map screen, with the only marker being located at the entrance to the Xalax Velodrome. When the player enters the Xalax Velodrome, they immediately enter a gauntlet of three back-to-back races. Upon winning all three races, they earn the right to challenge Rocket Racer for the Galactic Cup in the final race. Each race is presented by an announcer minifigure wearing a purple suit instead of Sparky. The final cutscene still plays out very similarly to the PC/PS2 versions, albeit with additional characters (such as Slyboots and Canopus) and dialogue congratulating the player's victory.

Xalax's Bonus Game is offered by Warrior, who assigns the player with the task of collecting moving drones scattered throughout the Big Dome. The other Ramas serve as opponents who attempt to ram into the player's vehicle and force them to drop drones.

LEGO Description[] This is a description taken from United Kingdom 2001 catalog. Please do not modify it.

The year is 2210 AD. We're in the city of Knossox on the planet of Xalax, where everyone is wild about Racers - a zany motor race that's run every day in a giant arena they call the Big Dome. Fearless drivers push their super-design cars to the limit and beyond! This is a description taken from LEGO Racers 2 Instruction Manual. Please do not modify it.

Like Rocket Racer, you’ll need to travel to Xalax via the intergalactic portal on Sandy Bay. When you’re invited to go, the Direction Arrow will show you how to find it. On Xalax you will first race against the very best Ramas racers on four qualifying tracks; only after completing these will you be worthy to take on Rocket Racer, the greatest driver in the galaxy!


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