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Xialing is a Marvel minifigure released in 2021. She is Shang-Chi's sister and Wenwu's daughter.


Xu Xialing was one of two children born to Xu Wenwu and Ying Li, the other being Shang-Chi. After her mother's death and the beginning of Shang's training, Xialing was forbidden from learning alongside him. However, she watched him closely, studying the techniques he was learning and applying them to her own fighting style. Soon enough, she had become a martial artist skilled enough to stand toe-to-toe with her brother. After he left for his first mission and never returned, Xialing continued training, ultimately escaping from the Ten Rings compound herself and forming an underground fighting ring in Macau. Years later, she and Shang reunited when he came looking for her, having just been attacked by their father's forces. Despite resenting her brother for abandoning her, Xialing ultimately fought by his side to stop their father, coming to terms with why he had left in the first place. After Wenwu's defeat, she assumed control of the Ten Rings, working to undo the damage it had caused around the world.