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Yazneg is a minifigure from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey released in November 2012.


Yazneg features a bald, double sided, light nougat head with grey, bushy eyebrows, orange eyes, a black mouth with broken teeth, and various scars and wrinkles. The back of his head has a few scars as well. He wears a backwards, Ninjago skeleton armour part in light tan. Yazneg's torso wears a black coat with some of his brown, worn pants that cover some of his stomach. Underneath his coat is some scarred and defaced skin. Yazneg's hands are black, supposing gloves, and his legs are completely brown.


Yazneg was a Gundabad Orc and a Warg rider. His first appearance was when he was spying on the dwarves and told his subordinate, Fimbul, to report the dwarves' location to their master, Azog. He was later seen when he was leading an all out battle to try to destroy the dwarves, however they were distracted by Radagast the Brown and his rabbit sled which sped past the orcs. This detraction did not last long, however, as Yazneg pulled together one last effort to capture Thorin for his master. Just as he was about to strike the dwarves' hiding spot, Elrond and his bodyguards arrived on horses and shot many of the orcs, causing Yazneg and Fimbul to flee for their lives. Yazneg and Fimbul then travelled to Weathertop where the orc hunters had made their camp. After telling Azog of their misfortune, Azog was not very pleased at all, and threw Yazneg to the hungry Wargs where he was eaten alive.

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A brute Orc who has perfected all the wits and charms that come with that title. Red-eyed and mean as a devil, Yazneg pummels all creatures great and small that have the misfortune to cross his path.



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