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Yellowjacket is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle.



Darren Cross was a billionaire and the founder of a successful corporation, Darren Cross Haulage, which rivaled its unidentified top competitors. Cross was diagnosed with a heart condition due to overwork, and had to use an experimental nucleorganic pacemaker in order to save his life. The pacemaker was a success but enhanced Cross's circulatory system, mutating his body and giving him superhuman abilities. With a side effect that overuse causes the burning out of his heart, Cross went through various heart transplants, which led him to capture surgeon Dr. Erica Sondheim to replace his heart and to abduct "donors" from the slums. This attracted the attention of the second Ant-Man looking for Sondheim in order to save his own daughter's life. The resulting battle with Ant-Man burned out Cross's heart, as Sondheim had re-implanted his old, worn-out heart prior to Ant-Man crashing the surgery.

However, Cross's body was revealed to have been kept in a cryogenic state as his son Augustine Cross, having taken over as the family company head after his father's death, later became obsessed with bringing Darren back to life and eventually forced Dr. Sondheim to help. Enlisting Crossfire's assistance, Augustine had orchestrated Cassie Lang's capture as the girl's heart is required to withstand the unique conditions when transplanted into Darren. While infiltrating Cross's company to rescue Cassie, Ant-Man came across his restored nemesis. Darren engaged in combat against Ant-Man while Ant-Man buys time for Sondheim to transplant another heart to Cassie. Cross is ultimately forced to flee with his son when the Pym Particles now in his body caused him to shrink down.


Darren Cross was a scientist who became the protege of renowned scientist Hank Pym, the former superhero known as Ant-Man. Knowing that Pym had been hiding his suit and technology, as he didn't trust anyone with it, Cross came to resent Pym. With the help of Hope van Dyne, Cross took over Pym's company. He then used Pym's technology to create YellowJacket, a more high-tech version of the Ant-Man suit for military use. Hope soon found out what Cross was doing, and sided with her father. Hank persuaded thief Scott Lang to reform as the new Ant-Man.

In Lang's attempt to steal the Yellowjacket armor, Cross followed and they dueled using child's toys. He since became Scott's arch-nemesis.



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