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The Yeoman Zombie is a minifigure representing the character of the same name from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Strangely, he does not appear in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game.


The Yeoman Zombie served on the Queen Anne's Revenge, along with the Gunner Zombie and the Quartermaster Zombie. He was zombified by Blackbeard. He, along with other zombies was an officer aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. He fought against Jack Sparrow and his mutineers on the Queen Anne's Revenge, helped capture a mermaid on the Whitecap Bay and battled against Hector Barbossa's crew at the Fountain of Youth. He later decomposed and died along with other zombies when Blackbeard died at the Fountain of Youth.


  • He reused Lurtz hairpiece.

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The Yeoman Zombie sails the seven seas with the undead crew of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Woe to any sailor foolish enough to cross his master.


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