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This article is about the Orient Expedition minifigure. For other uses, see Yeti (Disambiguation).

The Yeti is an Adventurers Big Figure-looking introduced in 2003 based on a Himalayan myth. It was one of the three guardians of precious stones, in the Yeti's case, an emerald. The Yeti is exclusive to the set 7412 Yeti's Hideout.


The Yeti is entirely white. White legs and arms are attached to a white body, and covered over with a large white part, completing the torso, and adding the Yeti's head. The torso of the Yeti is quite furry, and his head is in a gape-mouthed expression.


The Yeti is a mythical creature from the Himalaya mountain range, and is both feared and respected by local villagers.

While on Mount Everest, Pippin Reed was attracted to a shrine. In the shrine, she found an emerald. A Yeti emerged to protect it and gave chase to Pippin. She managed to escape with the emerald by stunning the Yeti with the flash on her camera.


  • He is similar to the Jun-Chi monster and the Tygurah, as his body is brick-built and his headpiece goes over it.


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