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You Can't Hit the Brakes In Space...Or Can You? is the fourth in a series of animated online comics depicting stories from the Clone Wars universe.

CW comic 4

A screenshot from the comic.


Anakin Skywalker is seen standing in a hangar with several Clone Troopers and R2-D2 near the The Twilight. Anakin is waiting for Ahsoka and checks his Yoda watch. When Ahsoka shows up, she refers to Anakin as "Sky-Guy", but is angrily told by him not to call him that in front of the troops. They prepare for departure as the clones are overwhelmed with laughter and one gets shocked by R2. Anakin says that they are taking the Twilight because 1) they don't want anyone to know that the Jedi are involved, 2) the Twilight is just as fast as a Jedi Starfighter because of Anakin's modifications, 3) they're transporting Rotta. They are traveling to Tatooine, which is why Anakin wishes to complete the mission as soon as possible. Just as Ahsoka says that she has a good feeling about the mission, they are attacked by two MagnaGuard starfighters and Ahsoka mentions that she needs to pay more attention in her "Sensing the Future Through the Force" class. The two of them notice that General Grievous must be behind this attack, and try to destroy the fighters with their one reversible cannon, but discover that all of their weapons but one face the other direction. When Ahsoka wonders what they're going to do, Anakin mentions his "upgrades" and contrary to the title, 'hits the brakes in space'. He easily blows up the fighters from behind them and proceeds to land on the planet below. When Ahsoka opens up the cargo hold, she meets Rotta and unknowingly sets him loose and call Anakin "Sky-Guy" again. She attempts to tell Anakin who yells at her to find him and again to stop calling him "Sky-Guy". Anakin calls Ahsoka the 'least respectful Jedi apprentice ever', but Ahsoka asks him about how he is always getting Master Kenobi cooked and eaten. Anakin then proceeds to ask her whether or not she meant her question literally. This comic was 'to be continued...'

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