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Zebra Man is a DC Comics minifigure who appeared in The LEGO Batman Movie.




Scientist Jacob Baker was caught in a mechanical accident that overloaded him with magnetic force, which he managed to control with an special belt he invented. Baker became a criminal and the press named him Zebra Man because the magnetic waves on his body looked like zebra stripes. Zebra-Man had diamagnetic-based abilities which enable him to magnetize metal, wood, and other non-metal items. He was defeated by Batman and Robin.

The villain Kobra later formed Strikeforce Kobra which had a second version of Zebra-Man. Unlike Jacob Baker, this one sports a mohawk which makes it look like a zebra's mane.


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He may look a little silly, but this super-villain’s powers pack a real kick! Zebra-Man’s body was irradiated by super-science, giving him both a wild pattern of stripes and the ability of diamagnetism. Now he can use his control belt to attract and repel any non-metallic objects without touching them, giving him what could literally be described as animal magnetism! (And also wood magnetism, plastic magnetism, water magnetism…)

Bat-Fact: When a whole herd of zebras are standing together, their stripes make them difficult to count.


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