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'Zero is a team in Drome Racers. In the story, they are always not quite a top-class team. They are also a team in Drome Racers (Video Game) description

Lead Driver: Tag

Chief Mechanic: Slant

Cars: Extreme Power Bike; Pro Stunt; Zero Hurricane

The Zero pit is an oasis of calm in the midst of the constant sound and fury of the Drome. The Zeros believe the keys to victory are a relaxed attitude, attention to style and detail, and great suspension. This approach does not always work - EXO Force once lapped a Zero car because the driver was contemplating the wonders of his speedometer - but it does help Zero stay "below the radar." Other teams underestimate them to their later regret. The Zero pit is more like a mellow coffehouse or an all-night party than a garage, but their mechanics do wonders with optimizing and tuning performance. Their cars may not always be the first out of the gate, but they're definitely the most efficient in the long run.

Team Members

Tag (Driver): "Laid back" doesn't even begin to describe Tag. Her charming smile and carefree attitude make her seem like she's not racing to win... that is, until she zooms past you while you're distracted. Tag often claims, with a nonchalant flip of her hair, that other Racers aren't the toughest opponents on the track -- "Beat your worries and your fears, and you've won the race before it's begun." On top of her formidable driving skills, Tag is well-known in the European dance music scene, and releases new singles between racing seasons.

Slant (Mechanic): You can easily spot Slant in the pit: he's the one talking to himself constantly. Some people say it's because he's crazy; some people think he just likes to work through mechanical problems by talking to the car. Whatever the answer, it works, as Zero's cars hardly ever break down.

Blowout (Test Driver): Blowout believes the only way to do his job is to become "one with the car." He spends the entire night before a test drive in the pits, communing with the car and focusing on the road ahead.

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