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Zia is a Jurassic World minifigure introduced in 2018.


Zia Rodriguez grew up in Seattle with a pet cat named Kizzy. Zia spent her childhood looking after animals and studied pre-veterinary medicine at Berkeley. She dreamed of working at Jurassic World in the dino-healthcare field. Zia however never set foot on Isla Nublar because not long after accepting an internship at the park, Masrani Global and InGen created the Indominus rex and the incident occurred.

Some time later, she joined the DPG and became its dinosaur biology expert. Zia not only hoped to be able to study and work on the animals once the group had accomplished its goal of rescuing them from their exploding home, she hoped to fulfill her passion of bringing the subject of dinosaur health to the public and teach people about it.


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