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―Zombie Businessman

Zombie Businessman is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.


The Zombie Businessman wears a tattered and damaged suit. His shirt is light blue with a white collar, and untucked on the left side. His suit is Earth Blue, and he wears a dark grey tie. There are several holes and tears in the suit, including one on his right arm. His face is confused or upset. He wears glasses with a shattered left lens, and his eyebrows are dark brown. He has hair in the same color, which is neatly combed on the left and messy on the right. He carries a black briefcase and a newspaper tile, the "Zombie Times", with its front page article being "BRAAAINS!" He likes weekends and dislikes urgent deadlines, his favourite newspaper is Zombie Times.[1]



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The Zombie Businessman is an extremely dedicated worker. Every evening, his alarm goes off up at the crack of dusk and he shambles off to work the all-night shift in his cubicle at the big office building in the next town. For hour after hour, he files, organizes, optimizes, and prepares presentations, only pausing to occasionally catch up on the latest zombie news (hint: it’s usually about brains).

His co-workers haven’t especially noticed that he’s a zombie yet. His speech may sound a little funny, and he may not be the snappiest of dressers, but he gets his projects finished on time and always turns in the right paperwork and forms. And sure, he may make a bit of a mess when he drinks his daily cup of coffee…but what business-Minifigure doesn’t have a few odd quirks?

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