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Zombie Cheerleader is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.


The Zombie Cheerleader has a uniform resembling the previous Cheerleaders'. Hers is primarily Earth Green with White stripes and shorts. The uniform has a "Z" on it, and several holes and tatters. Her face features an expectant or embarrassed expression, with sunken eyes, a missing tooth, and slime coming down from her mouth. Her hair is Dark Tan, and is worn in pigtails, with Earth Green hair ties. She carries two pom poms in her team's colors.


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“Brains! Brains! We’ll win by using our braaaiiins!”

The Zombie Cheerleader is a star student at Zombie University who has personally come up with some of the cheer squad’s best new cheers, from the one about the brains, to the other one about the brains, to the other OTHER one about the brains. That last one is everybody’s favorite, because it’s just so catchy.

For a zombie, she has a really upbeat attitude. You’ve got to be extra inspirational when your players’ legs and heads tend to fall off in the middle of a game, which is why she’s also pretty good with duct tape. Her whole zombie family comes out to watch her cheer, and while she’s happy to see her businessman dad take time out of his busy schedule, she’s a little embarrassed at the way her pirate great-great-uncle keeps threatening to keelhaul the other team.


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