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"Yesss, master."
―Zombie Driver

The Zombie Driver, also known as Renfield, is a minifigure and a major character of Monster Fighters released in 2012 for Monster Fighters. He is a driver for Lord Vampyre, and drives the Vampyre Hearse, Zombie Car and the Coffin Car.


Zombie Driver's earth blue legs are printed with rips and tatters. His torso is printed with an old, torn, earth blue valet driver uniform. He has earth blue arms and one grey hand, and sports a dark maroon glove. He has a dark grey face printed with blank eyes and a gaping, green, toothy mouth, and wears a black driver's cap, commonly used in City sets, for police officers.


Zombie Driver is a zombie, who works as a valet for the Lord Vampyre, driving the Vampyre Hearse. He also spends time in the Graveyard. Lord Vampyre's loyal, hard-working servant, who is known to do as his wishes, and do the most horrible and gruesome jobs for his master, and will do anything to protect the Vampyre family. Bio This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The Zombie Driver is Lord Vampyre’s hideous servant. He is a faithful, hard-working and rotten creature known to do the Lord Vampyre’s bidding and most horrible errands. His loyalty to his evil master is unbreakable and he is known for putting himself in the most perilous of situations for Lord Vampyre.

Zombie Driver Facts:
Species: Mutantious Sidekickious
Origin: The Vampyre Castle
Weaknesses: Gold star stickers (you may be able to bribe your way out of danger from this brick-kisser)
Powers: Running errands and threatening to tell on you

Hobbies: Long walks in the graveyard, potion tastings and doing homework for extra credit


  • His head print is reused for the Zombie Chef.
  • He appears in four sets, and therefore appears in more sets than any other character in the theme, other than the Ghosts.
  • In the teaser trailer, he has two grey hands, not one grey and one brown, and his hat is blue, not black, like how he was in the preliminary set images.



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