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Zombie Pirate is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.


The Zombie Pirate has a grey head with a black pirate hat, one red eye (the other is covered by a patch) and a mouth full of broken teeth. He has a metal hook for his left hand and a wooden peg leg for his right leg. He wears a red suit with a ruffled collar and a brown baldric across his chest. His arms, hips and remaining leg are red to match his coat, except for the boot on this left foot, which is brown. as well, and there are matching rips on the legs. His hands are grey to match his head. Black flies constantly swarm about his head.


  • Early concept art for the Monster Fighters theme showed an earlier design for the Zombie Pirate along with a ghostly galleon implying he was originally planned as a Monster Fighters minifigure as one of Lord Vampyre's minions with the galleon being a set and possibly his ship but was however never released.
  • He is the fourth minifigure in the Minifigures theme to represent a Zombie. The first being the Zombie from Series 1, second being the Zombie Businessman from Series 14, and third being the Zombie Cheerleader from Series 14.
  • He appears to be a "Zombified" version of the Pirate Captain from Series 8.
  • He is one of the first minifigures to have two-toned legs.
  • He reuses the same Prospector beard.
  • He is the first minifigure with a peg-leg to have a printed normal leg and hip joint.


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“Yo ho ho and a barrel o’ brains!”
The Zombie Pirate was getting sick and tired of seeing all of these young whippersnapper pirates mess things up, so he’s come back to show them how things used to be done back in the good old days. Not surprisingly for a several-hundred-year-old sea dog, he’s kind of old-fashioned. He still prefers to strand his prisoners on deserted islands instead of making them walk the plank, and he only plunders gold, not fancy-pants modern treasures like silks and spices.

As a zombie, he isn’t particularly big on personal hygiene. His hook is rusty, his captain’s coat is falling apart, and his wooden leg has a bad case of termites. No one is entirely sure whether he has a beard, or just a particularly impressive collection of moss and lichens on his chin. In good news, he doesn’t smell much worse than the average pirate, and if he falls in the water, he’s more likely to bite the sharks than the other way around!