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Zuzanu Latt is a Star Wars minifigure released in 2018 as part of the Solo: A Star Wars Story subtheme.


Zuzanu Latt features a fairly standard minifigure design, reusing the protection helmet design that has been in use since 2012. Despite that, she has exclusive torso printing, with what appears to be a protective vest with a form of blue officer code on the left. She uses a black leg piece with no printing, and has black hands. Her face has new printing, with light brown eyebrows and a black chinstrap. Her face is double sided, with an angry face and a normal face.


Zuzanu Latt was an Imperial Navy Trooper who served the Galactic Empire. Stationed in Coronet City in 10 BBY, she was in charge of regulating the traffic of the passengers leaving Corellia when Han Solo and Qi'ra tried to escape from Moloch and the White Worms. However, Qi'ra was trapped behind and Han was forced to join the Imperial Army in order to escape Corellia.


  • The minifigure was released as the "Imperial Emigration Officer," but Brickset identified the minifigure as Zuzanu Latt.